Model 1080 GO-FLO Water Sampler


Close-open-close operation. Opens automatically (hydrostatic pressure activated) at approximately 10 meters (33 feet), then flushes until closed by standard GO Devil messengers (Model 1000-MG) individually, serially, or sequentially by remote command with model 1015 Rosette@ multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control. (See data sheet 1015-12/85). Inert gas can be injected into bottle to force retrieved sample out of sampling valve, directly through filter system. The GO-FLO sampling bottle avoids sample contamination at the surface, internal spring contamination, loss of sample on deck (internal seals), and exchange of water from different depths.
Cable clamps on 1.7 to 12-liter bottles are for cable diameters up to and including 6.4mm(1/4"). Clamps on larger bottles are for diameters up to and including 8.0mm (5/16").
Rigid PVC tube section, ball valve, handles and cable clamp blocks. Delrin stopcocks and push rod. Stainless steel cable clamp bolts. Latex external spring, Viton and silicone O-ring seals (other materials available). Monofilament nylon and Kevlar lanyards. Inert Gas Connection: Dual-purpose air vent pressure release valve with standard 9/16-18 thread for connecting inert gas line. (Operation requires additional fitting - part S1080-AFIT).
End Closure:
Ball valve with Viton and silicone seals.
Thumbscrew air vent at top. Stopcock at base. Stopcock diameter for 1.7- to 12-liter bottles is 4.7mm (.187"). 20- and 30-liter bottles have a second, larger stopcock diameter (9.52mm, .375"). 60-, 90-, and 100-liter bottles have one stopcock 19.05mm (.750").
See overleaf for dimensions and weights of 1.7-,2.5-,5-,8-,10-,12-,20-,30-,60-,90- and 100-liter bottles.

Standard order includes bottle, nylon monofilament lanyards for cable or Rosette@ attachment, clamps, bolts and mounting block as for model 1010 Niskin bottles. Specify bottle volume. Order messenger additionally. Order 3- and 4-thermometer-reversing assemblies additionally. Order teflon coating additionally.

COMPONENTS AND ACCESSORIES (order additionally):
GO-FLO repair kit containing ball rotating key lanyard pin , valve seat, stopcock assembly, air vent pressure release valve, O-rings, cable clamp bolt, latex tubing, PVC cement, 2 stainless steel clamps (except in kits for 20-liter or larger bottles), nicropress clamps, misc. hardware. Specify bottle volume when ordering. O-ring seal male connector with standard thread. GO-FLO bottle O-ring kits. Specify bottle volume.

With this program, at nominal cost per bottle, equipment may be returned for factory maintenance as follows:
(1) inspection & thorough cleaning of all parts,
(2) Replacement of O-ring seals as required,
(3) Replacement of latex tubing where required,
(4) Test of overall operation & watertightness,
(5) return of equipment to customer, shipping charges prepaid.
Customer will be notified of any need for repairs, along with an estimate for parts and labor costs. Upon completion of maintenance and any repairs, normal warranty on parts and labor will be renewed for another year.


Non-metallic (high-impact ABS plastic) 3-thermometer (model 1000-3) and 4-thermometer (model 1000-4) reversing assemblies are easily mounted on existing bottles, or can be factory installed on new bottles. The rack portion of the assembly is removable and interchangeable.

Standard order includes reversing assembly consisting of removable thermometer rack, reversing pulley-mount saddle subassembly, and anchor block for attachment of latex drive band. Specify 3- or 4-thermometer capacity. Specify bottle capacity for which reversing assembly is intended.

*Covered Under One or More of the following U.S. and Foreign Patents: 232,922; 235,422; 245,483; 245,484; 245,485; 245,486; 245,487; 612,482; 3,044,811; 3,102,743; 3,155,174; 3,242,740; 3,339,417; 3,372,585; 3,412,498; 3,425,664; 3,489,012; 3,489,987; 3,537,062; 3,688,433; 3,729,855; 3,793,889; 3,815,422; 3,836,120; 3,869,913; 3,937,078; 3,955,412; 3,969,925; 3,970,156; 3,971,251; 3,986,635; 4,026,148; 4,037,477; 4,091,666; 4,091,676; 4,106,751; 4,295,675; 4,301,995; 4,302,974; 4,307,605; 4,347,751; 4,350,931; 4,417,718; 4,492,363; 4,545,243; 4,593,570; 4,690,380; 4,708,321; 4,744,256; 4,750,574; 4,852,413.

Technical data subject to change without notice. 1080-1/89

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